Today, we will be clarifying granite countertop Malaysia, and how it will benefit your kitchen when it is still a natural mineral. As choosing countertops is no simple task. Regarding materials, there are plenty of options, each with its collection of pros and cons. Cause it’s a preferable permanent decision with a lofty price tag, there’s a lot of pressure to get it right.

“True granite is a type of igneous rock mainly composed of the minerals quartz and feldspar,” says Henry Hernandez of Builders Surplus. That mix of materials gives granite its trademark speckled appearance, and also means that granite can have a range of different finishes, from creamy white to deep black to speckled gray and even bright blue and salmon pink.

Granite Countertop Malaysia Benefit 1: Unique Appearance

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Even if you know other people with granite countertops, yours will be unique. That causes each type of granite that forms is a product of geologic forces and factors, no other pieces of granite are the same. Granite is an unbelievable material that comes in various variety of textures and colors.

If you want a one-of-a-kind, natural surface in your kitchen, granite countertop Malaysia is the countertop for you. There are many different types of granite determined by which granite slab would work best for your granite kitchen countertops. Granite is a popular choice, the natural pattern of sealed granite countertops will set your kitchen above and beyond.

Granite Countertop Malaysia Benefit 2: Durability

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Kitchen countertops are subject to a lot of rigorous use, and inevitably, knives and other sharp or heavy utensils will make contact with the surface, and may unintentionally damage it.

Granite is essentially rock, but it’s even more durable than rock, as it can resist chips and scratches under daily use. Granite is the second hardest material in the world, just behind diamonds. If you cut directly on the granite, you are more likely to ruin your knives than to scratch your granite.

Still, sometimes the blade can leave unsightly steel marks. Therefore, it is suggested to utilize a cutting board for dicing, chopping, and slicing foods since sharp knives and cleavers may damage the granite countertop during clashes. If granite countertops are installed correctly, they will last for at least 3 decades.

Granite Countertop Malaysia Benefit 3: Resistances

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In Malaysia, the high temperature is a hurdle for most countertops to handle. Granite countertop Malaysia has heat and stain resistance, as granite is naturally formed by pressure and heat. You can even put a hot pot or pan on the surface of your granite countertops without scorching it, though we recommend using pot holders.

In addition to heat resistance, granite countertops are stain resistant with a fitting applied sealant. Granite is a porous material that defiles by alkalines and acids. However, with a decent seal implemented annually, your granite countertops will maintain stain resistance. Do note that any liquid must be removed immediately with water and mild detergent. If spills dry on the countertop, you should be able to scrape them off using a plastic scraper. Granite is also a sanitary option, when sealed accurately, it becomes non-porous, so bacteria and moisture can’t harbor.

Granite Countertop Malaysia Benefit 4: Low Maintenance

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Day to day, granite doesn’t need any special care. You can even use harsh chemicals to clean the granite, allowing you to disinfect the kitchen without worrying that you’ll damage your counter.

Though granite can handle harsh cleaners, I don’t recommend using them every day. Instead, use a mild all-purpose cleaner, granite-specific cleaner, or just water and a microfiber cloth for daily cleaning. Additionally, the granite countertop Malaysia needs to be sealed, but most arrive pre-sealed, which lasts up to 10 years.

As granite countertops have a smooth surface, it is effortless to keep them clean. Granite countertops ensure that you’ve got the smoothest surface possible, which makes cleaning easy.

Granite Countertop Malaysia Benefit 5: Affordable

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When granite started gaining popularity in the 90s, it was considered a luxury material reserved for expensive mansions. Since then, other countries such as Brazil, China, and India have become the biggest granite dealers, and the shipping and cutting processes have evolved. As a result, granite countertops cost has decreased, and it has become more affordable for most homeowners. While some granite options are still costly, others are more affordable. Prices range significantly, so you’ll find a slab that works within your budget.

Granite countertops hold a wide price range which may fit everyone the price for granite countertops in Malaysia should be as follows:

    • RM 15- RM 25 psf – Mostly Chinese Granite. Barry White, Spring Rose, Black Impala, etc
    • RM 35 – RM 50 psf – Mostly Indian Granite. Black Galaxy, Black Granite, Emerald Pearl, Blue Pearl, etc
    • RM 60 above – Mostly European Granite. Volga Blue. Blue In the Night Grand Delicatus etc
    • RM 250 above – Brazilian Exotic Granite. Blue Bahia, Diamond Arrow, Oyster Blue, etc

The price tags shown above are facts recorded accurately in March 2022. Due to this wide price range, anyone can afford a granite countertop, and it is the main reason for the popularity of the granite countertop Malaysia. The pricing also varies due to the thickness of the slab and results in increased installation costs. The thicker the slab, the more expensive it will be to install.

If you want the benefits of granite without breaking your bank account, you should try installing granite tiles instead to reduce the overall price. Additionally, the affordability of granite increases when you think about the investment you’re making. Most granite countertops will last at least thirty years

These are the benefits of granite countertop Malaysia in 2022. Suppose you are interested and wish to learn more details about countertops in general. Try contacting a trusted kitchen renovation supplier to find out more!

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