If you are looking for something with a green feel, a wood countertop may be preferable. Besides using natural stones for your countertop, wood countertop is also one of the popular choices in Malaysia due to its natural warmth and the character that comes as it ages. It is an ideal choice for both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs. 

There are two kinds of wood materials which are hardwood and softwood. Hardwood is more preferable due to its strength and durability. Popular choices include walnut, iroko, and oak. Just like natural stone countertops, the wood countertop will need a certain amount of maintenance to protect it against the wear and tear of your busy kitchen life. 

If you are planning to get a wood countertop but have no clue about how to care for the countertop, you would want to read on about the tips for caring for a wood countertop. You will just need to exercise a little bit of care and maintenance to keep your countertop in good shape. 


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1. Apply Oil Regularly On Your Wood Countertop

Wood countertop

No matter if you are getting a butcherblock or a solid wood countertop, it is important to apply oil to the countertop regularly. You should rub a campaign of mineral or tung oil on the surface after it has been installed. This helps to defend your countertop against wear and tear. You can pour liberal amounts of oil onto the wood surface and allow the oil to soak into the material. Rub the excess oil with a soft cloth after half an hour, and you will get a more durable, stain-resistant surface.

Besides that, you can use Danish or linseed oil. Pour a little oil onto the countertop, use a lint-free cloth or microfiber cloth, and spread it over the surface until the layer is thin and even. Make sure you cover the whole countertop and apply another coat to it.

Wood is a natural material, and you will need a proper course of oil treatment to ensure that your countertop can maintain a long and trouble-free life. You are advised to apply oil regularly to maintain the fine quality of the wood countertop. When the surface is getting dull, and droplets don’t form, you will need to apply oil on your countertop. The best time is to apply the oil before it gets dull. New countertops will require to apply frequently to build up their protection. As the protective layer builds up, they will require lesser oiling.

The environment in that you install your wood countertop and the amount of wear and tear on the surface will affect how regularly you need to apply oil on your countertop. But it is best to re-oiling at least every three months.


2. Avoid Direct Cutting On Your Wood Countertop

Wood countertop

It looks great to cut your ingredients directly on your wood countertop conveniently, but cutting directly on the countertop will wear down the wood and leave bacteria in the timber. It can be unhygienic. If there are any accidental knife marks or imperfections, try using sanding and oiling to fix them.

With proper maintenance, a wood countertop can last for a generation. They will keep improving with age and are an essential feature of stylish yet timeless kitchens. But the most important thing is to apply oil regularly on your wood countertop, wipe the surface regularly and avoid exposing them to cuts, stains, and heat.

Keep your chopping boards where you can reach them easily to prevent being tempted to cut directly on the countertop. They can just look like your countertop, possibly made out of the same kind of wood. Imagine the scratches and knife marks on your chopping board. You wouldn’t want it to be on your countertop.


3. Protect Your Wood Countertop From Heat

Wood countertop

Compared to other countertops made from natural materials, such as quartz, wooden countertops are more easily stained and damaged by heat. You will want to consider using trivets, glass surface protectors, or cork mats under hot pots and pans to prevent scorching marks on your countertop.

When you are preparing ingredients for your meals, remember always to use a chopping board to avoid damage on your countertop. Also, take note of pigmented food and spices, such as pomegranates and turmeric. It can stain your wood countertop easily.


4. Keep Sink Area On Wooden Countertop Dry

Wood countertop

If you are considering getting a wooden countertop, the sink area is the place where it needs the most care. If you have oiled it a lot in the beginning and regularly apply oil in between, it shouldn’t be too much problem for you. Consider sealing the underside of the sink around the basin. It helps to prevent water from getting in below.

If you are not using a different material around the sink, you will want to wipe away water as soon as you have finished using the sink. Try to keep the sink area dry, or the wood will blacken and rot. Re-oil the surface around the sink more frequently than in other areas of the kitchen. The best is to re-oil every three months.

You can use Danish oil or linseed as soaked rags, as they can burst into flames as they dry. Remember to get sustainable hardwood.


5. Sand And Perp The Surface Of The Wood Countertop

Wood countertop

To create an immaculately smooth surface to prepare for further treatment, such as varnishing or oiling, sanding the wood countertop is an important process. You can use a hand-held electric sander to resurface the wood and remove stains, scorch marks, old oil, and scratches.

You will want to concentrate on the areas with stains and scorch marks or the sink areas that have rotted. You can also use fine sandpaper to manually sand deeply damaged or worn wood countertops.

It is important that you oil ALL the faces and edges of the countertop at least three times with Danish oil and wipe away any excess oil 15 minutes after application. Allow 6 hours between coats.

After reading all these tips, doesn’t it sound simple? Caring for your wood countertop is a routine job. Spend some time and take proper care of your countertop. It can allow your countertop to last long.


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