In terms of materials being used in the kitchen, quartz stone Johor Bahru is mainly used for kitchen countertops. Quartz is favored by many due to various reasons such as the ability to last long even without expensive maintenance and the capability of being easy to clean. Inside the kitchen, the kitchen top is a very significant existence. Choosing the right material for your kitchen countertops is a very critical decision that should not be determined. There are so many options to choose from, including granite, marble, concrete, and wood.

Before we clarify the pros and cons, it’s important to understand exactly what quartz is and how manufacturers produce quartz countertops. Many people believe that quartz is a man-made material, but that’s not true. Quartz is a natural mineral composed of silicon and oxygen, it’s the most abundant mineral on Earth. The confusion around whether quartz is natural or man-made stems from the fact that quartz, which is the main component in quartz countertops, is a natural mineral, but quartz countertops are engineered by man.

Manufacturers make quartz countertops by grinding natural quartz into dust and combining it with other natural and synthetic materials such as polymers, resins, and pigments. The resins and polymers bind the quartz together, making it hard and durable while pigments are added to give the countertop color. In some cases, recycled glass or metal flecks are added to spice up the design.

Reason #1 For Using Quartz Stone Johor Bahru: Resistance

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The non-porous nature of quartz countertops makes them very stain-resistant. When liquid from a spill seeps into the pores of the stone, stains on countertops are frequently the result. Due to their porous nature, marble and granite are more prone to stains.

Older kitchens with stone worktops may show white spots, yellowing, and fading if you look closely, especially if the owner neglected to reseal the surface on a regular basis. Quartz countertop is non-porous, so even if you neglect to clean up spills straight away, there is no way for liquids to penetrate in and produce stains. This is a key selling element for the majority of homeowners, but especially for families with small children.

Quartz is not stain-proof yet it is stain-resistant. 10% of quartz countertops are made up of resins and pigments, which can be damaged by certain substances. Avoiding contact with oil-based soaps, bleach, high pH cleansers, permanent markers, paint, paint remover, and nail polish remover is advised. Your quartz countertops might become stained and damaged if exposed to certain substances.

Reason #2 For Using Quartz Stone Johor Bahru: Non-Porous

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Engineered quartz countertops are non-porous, in contrast to real stones, which have small pores all over them. Porous materials allow liquids to infiltrate through their surface and cause permanent damage such as discoloration and staining. Natural stones must be sealed in order to stop that.

You won’t need to be concerned about any of it with quartz. You don’t need to seal it because it is non-porous, and you never have to be concerned about fluids or bacteria entering the surface. Stain resistance and easy maintenance are two benefits of quartz countertops that are a result of this quality.

Reason #3 For Using Quartz Stone Johor Bahru: Anti-Bacteria

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Due to quartz countertops being non-porous, the moisture that shelters microorganisms cannot breach into the countertop as the surface does not have any gaps for any fluid to enter. Being non-porous, the countertop is built with barely any spaces between each other. It is thanks to this that engineered countertops are well taken as non-bacteria countertops.

Reason #4 For Using Quartz Stone Johor Bahru: Durability

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The extreme durability of quartz countertops is one of the major reasons people purchase them. Quartz is the best material to choose in a kitchen if you want something that won’t readily chip, scratch, or break. Quartz stone Johor Bahru is resilient, however, this does not imply that it is unbreakable. Quartz can be scratched or chipped, although the likelihood of damage from normal, everyday use is quite low due to the material’s robust nature.

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Reason #5 For Using Quartz Stone Johor Bahru: Low Maintenance

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Natural stone countertops, such as those constructed of granite or concrete, require a sealer or wax coating. The fact that quartz countertops don’t require a wax coating or sealer is one of its advantages. This indicates that compared to other countertop materials, quartz worktops require less upkeep.

Additionally, quartz countertops are incredibly simple to clean and maintain since they are nonporous surfaces. In contrast to other countertop materials, you won’t have to worry about removing stains with a vigorous scrubbing session. To fix them, just give them a quick wash down with a cleaning wipe or cloth, soap, and water.

Reason #6 For Using Quartz Stone Johor Bahru: Reasonable Price

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For the avoidance of doubt, all countertop materials are priced per square foot. In Malaysia, quartz stone Johor Bahru is available at a variety of pricing points but is commonly priced between RM70 and RM 190. This spectrum is determined by how they appear, the colors and textures of the stone, and the location of its origin. For unusual quartz varieties, especially those with more crystal concentration and transparent particles, expect to pay at least RM150.

Reason #7 For Using Quartz Stone Johor Bahru: Wide Range Variety

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The range of stylish, streamlined, and contemporary styles available for quartz countertops is another benefit. Manufacturers of quartz countertops may use pigments and other materials, such as recycled glass and metal flecks, to produce practically any design and color you choose.

With quartz stone Johor Bahru, unlike natural stones like granite and marble, you are not constrained by the patterns that Mother Nature offers. Solid-colored countertops, like the one in the photo below, are rapidly gaining popularity in addition to conventional stone-like patterns, particularly in contemporary homes.

These are the benefits of using quartz stone in Johor Bahru 2022. Suppose you are interested and wish to learn more details about countertops in general. Try contacting a trusted kitchen renovation supplier to find out more!

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