Natural timber counters are pretty stunning, there is no disputing that. They add a cozy, organic appearance to any kitchen and living space. Wood countertop in Malaysia is growing in popularity as they are soft and welcoming, also there are many different versions of wood countertops.

Additionally, they make less noise when you set dishes on them. They are much more budget-friendly in contrast to other countertop materials, and wood countertop in Malaysia is highly affordable. There are also some wood countertops in Malaysia that are considerably expensive as they got mixed with other materials like quartz and granite.

In addition, having a substantial hardwood countertop is extremely popular right now. It is equally effective for Malaysian house owners seeking a traditional, rustic aesthetic as well as a minimalist, Scandinavian interior design style. By having wood countertops, Malaysians can have those characteristics easily with a low amount of initial price.

Wood Countertop in Malaysia Benefit 1: Easy to Install 

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It is surprisingly and exceedingly easy to install these types of countertops as proof many people have tried and succeeded in installing their countertops. Some people even personally manufactured their original design of wood-type countertops, there are many video proofs and how-tos.

It is also possible to call for companies to install the wood countertop. Instead, it is recommended by many house owners who have purchased and installed wood countertops to do so for first-timers. It prevents customers from making mistakes during installations, as countertops’ installation cannot be redone.

It is a daily mistake for first-timers that stubbornly intend to make their original design wood countertops. They are highly not going to succeed as they do not have sufficient experience in creating or installing their wood countertops. It is highly suggested to have a significant amount of knowledge and experience before working on your original wood countertop in Malaysia as the wood may cut the people’s skin and it is very tiresome work, many people in closing gave up.

Wood Countertop in Malaysia Benefit 2: Strong, but Soft

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Indisputably, wood countertops are not exceptionally strong when differentiated from granite and quartz countertops. However, the wood countertop’s surface is soft and warm, unlike any other stone countertop. Stone countertops’ surfaces will get cold after a duration has passed. The wood countertop’s facet keeps its warmth to the touch, which makes it more inviting.

Adding in, the wood countertop in Malaysia works well with knives. Unlike with stone, you can cut food directly on wood countertops. Still, a cutting board is highly suggested, as wood countertops are soft and gentle on knives, mainly softer woods. There are also some hardwoods that are used in the production of wood countertops, but still, it is considered much softer than stone countertops. The lack of durability in wood countertops is one of the reasons people choose stone over wood countertops, still, the softness of the surface makes wood countertops a potential decision for clients.

Over time, knives or heavy objects may scratch or nick the countertops. You may be able to use sand to restore the original smooth surface, but it is not easy work, and the restored wood may not be as comfortable as before.

Wood Countertop in Malaysia Benefit 3: Can be Recyclable

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The wood countertop in Malaysia has a low carbon footprint compared to other materials and requires little energy and processing to manufacture. You can even find countertops made from second-hand wood.

Furthermore, most wood countertops are currently made recyclable. Many wood countertops are manufactured to be recyclable to answer the demands of clients. As there were many that wish for green kitchen countertops.

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Wood Countertop in Malaysia Benefit 4: Natural Feel

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Wood countertops are made from the most commonly seen natural material, wood. So, if you want to avoid synthetic matters like laminate and quartz, wood is an excellent alternative. Wood countertops provide a warm and rustic look, perfect for people going for the farmhouse aesthetic.

Moreover, dark wood provides an elegant contrast against light-colored cabinets. And lighter wood goes nicely with colors like blue, black, and other dark-colored cabinets. For Malaysians who mostly prefer to have a less modern and more welcoming kitchen, wood countertops would be visually better than granite and quartz.

Instead of using wood for the entire kitchen, many people are mixing stone with wood. For example, they may use wood for the island or the countertop but quartz, granite, or marble for the perimeter counters.

The many different wood species and construction types provide a variety of design options. With wood, you can make the look of your home truly unique. You’ll also find various construction styles, including edge grain, end grain, and face grain, which I covered upfront.

Wood Countertop in Malaysia Benefit 5: Budget-Friendly

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Unlike other countertop materials, wood countertop in Malaysia is exceptionally cheaper. The price of wood countertops is non-identical as there are various designs and types of wood countertops.

The wood used for production is also added to the calculation of cost, the price increases as the wood are harder to manufacture or use. For instance, Oak and Maple wood, there are also types of countertops that partially use wood in their production.

To many Malaysians, it is a usual attempt as it also attaches benefits from other materials like quartz’s hardness or granite’s heat resistance. There are some people who like the mixed design of wood-quartz countertops, as they have multiple benefits that arise from the diverse material.

These are the benefits of wood countertops in Malaysia 2022. Suppose you are interested and wish to learn more details about countertops in general. Try contacting a trusted kitchen renovation supplier to find out more!

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