You may expect two basic qualities from your kitchen countertop: aesthetics and functionality. Laminate kitchen countertops are the most reliable material for your kitchen surfaces, especially for kitchen countertops. The demand for laminate kitchen countertops has surged for kitchen renovation due to the beauty and practicality they offer.

It can be incredibly expensive to remodel your kitchen. However, using laminates is one of the easiest ways to save costs. Plastic laminate can be a good and cheaper alternative. It is made from layers of plastic that are bonded to particle board. It can resist stains, heat damage, scratches, and impact better than stone.

Laminates are your kitchen countertops’ most durable, elegant, and reliable surfacing solutions. If you are still trying to decide whether to use laminate kitchen countertops, here are some reasons you should seriously consider them: they can be an ideal choice to remodel your kitchen.

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Why Laminates Is A Preferred Choice For Kitchen Countertops?

Laminate kitchen countertop

Laminates are considered the most reliable material, especially for kitchen countertops. Also, as technology advances in the interior industry, there are many added properties in the laminate sheets for kitchen décor. The laminates have the following properties: laminates are the top choice for kitchen countertops.

  1. It has high abrasion resistance.
  2. Cleanliness plays an important role in the kitchen as foods are prepared that, with the feature of antibacterial and antiviral protection, can ensure the good health of all the family members.
  3. It comes in various elegant designs. You can choose according to your need, giving a stylish look to the kitchen.
  4. From stone finish laminate to wooden laminates, there are many choices available for you to choose from. This makes laminates a preferred material for home décor.
  5. Most people consider laminates as a reliable material for decorating kitchen countertops.


1. Laminate Kitchen Countertop Can Be Ultra Modern

Laminate kitchen countertop

The laminate kitchen countertop was a favorite during the midcentury. It became popular during the 1960s and ’70s, and it has been used up to the ’90s before looking dated. Now, laminate is returning to the trend as a durable, moisture-proof, affordable, and attractive alternative to luxury materials. It has a wide range of patterns, textures, and colors for homeowners.

You can find laminate that replicates the look of just about any material, such as wood grain, marble, and granite. If you don’t look closely, you wouldn’t even know the difference between laminate or real natural stone material. There are many finishes for you to choose from. It includes a satin sheen, matte, and textured. If you are looking for a midcentury look, many brands have throwback designs to keep it retro yet modern.


2. Laminate Kitchen Countertop Is Easy To Install

Laminate kitchen countertop

Taking too much time to install a kitchen countertop can be annoying, but laminate kitchen countertops will change your thought. It can be installed without spending a lot of time, making it a hassle-free surfacing solution. It seamlessly molds the laminate to the wood backer. It is usually pre-cut and much lighter than stone, making it easier to install.

Before installing the countertop, you will just need some simple surface preparation, such as sanding. You can either install it yourself or hire a professional to get the job done. No matter your choice, it requires minimal energy, time, and effort. You will have a truly trouble-free experience.


3. Laminate Kitchen Countertop Is High Customizable

Laminate kitchen countertop

Having some difficult angles in your space can be hard when searching for the right countertop. Custom laminate kitchen countertops are a perfect option to build to your exact specifications easily. Laminate kitchen countertops don’t have an integrated backsplash, which is formed separately and attached during installation.

You can choose other than the standard 3-inch height. Depending on the type you choose, custom laminate kitchen countertops also have a variety of edge designs to meet your needs, such as bullnose, square, waterfall, beveled, and many more. Post-form kitchen countertops have limited options.

Brands, such as Formica, offer a wide range of colored solids, touchable textures, and classic midcentury patterns that mimic natural stone, rusted metal, butcher block, and other wood. They can even mimic fabric or recycled leather.


4. Laminate Kitchen Countertop Is Easier To Maintain Than Stone

Laminate kitchen countertop

You will need to seal material like a natural stone about once a year to keep them looking new. It may be relatively inexpensive, but you will include it in your to-do list or face issues like stains and scratches. Laminates kitchen countertops are very easy to maintain as opposed to other materials.

Laminate kitchen countertops can look nearly identical to natural stone, but the feature may not be the same. It requires zero sealing or upkeep. Even in the worst scenario, such as leaving your sill on the surface overnight, you are likely to use soap and water.

All you need for a laminate countertop is to clean it frequently, and they are very easy to clean. A minimal wipe-down using a soft cloth with a mild cleaning agent will do the job, and your countertop surface will remain clean and well-protected. Cleaning it on a regular basis will let your countertop surface look new and in pristine condition for a long time.


5. Laminate Kitchen Countertop Minimal Effect On Home Resale Value

Laminate kitchen countertop

Most homeowners will want their kitchen countertops to add some value to their homes when they intend to sell their houses. While it may not always be the truth.

The design of the countertop or even the overall kitchen design can be very personal. You can go out just to buy a granite selection, but your future buyer may not like it. You wouldn’t want to put too much consideration when you are selecting your countertop material.

So, when selecting the countertop design, just make sure that you are buying a lasting pattern that you like and that it would not upset your future prospective buyers because it’s too bright. Although laminate kitchen countertops may not increase the value of your home, it won’t harm you by getting a beautiful pattern. It is fine if you keep your kitchen in a good state.

Don’t all these reasons look attractive? What could you want more from a kitchen countertop when the laminate is durable, easy to maintain, and comes in various colors and patterns?

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