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Engineered Quartz Product

Polarstone is an engineered quartz product focusing on the artful combination of timeless marble patterns with superior quartz technology. It blends durable quartz surfacing with perfect marble design, resulting in greater application of marble without compromising aesthetics.

Its unique Chencor Machinery as well as proprietary, quartz mixing and resin vibro compression technology create greater density and wider color range quartz surfacing. Unrivalled in beauty and performance, polarstone quartz shows three-­dimensional marble veins varying in shape, color, and size while achieving the marble’s natural translucency.


Heat- and scratch-resistant, less likely to chip or crack when an object is dropped onto it


Exquisite design options (“Elements”, “Naturals” and “Classic” collections) that will nicely match with most home designs


Many composition combinations through its design process to make it exclusive and deliver a personalized touch


Practical and easy to reserve, do not require regular maintenance, sealing and polishing


Non-porous material makes it convenient to clean with just soap and water


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Quartz Johor


The high quartz content in Polarstone makes it harder, stronger and more stain-resistant than granite. It does not need sealing unlike granite and is heat-resistant unlike solid surface and plastic laminate. Polarstone is ultimately a great option for a family home or commercial space.

Polarstone is ideal for interior residential or commercial spaces, including kitchen countertops and backsplashes, bathroom vanities, furniture and desktops, wall panels, shower and tub surrounds and decks, fireplace surrounds, reception counters, food prep surfaces, window sills and inlays.

Not really. Polarstone does not guarantee that all veining goes the entire depth of the surface. It is considered a full-body material because the colorants and materials are through the body versus being printed on top. Discuss options with your fabricator to acquire best result.

Because natural ingredients are used to make quartz surfacing material, there will be some variation due to the ingredients and natural flow of materials in the manufacturing process. The best way for a fabricator to ensure that a project will have the best possible match is to use slabs from the same batch. When veined materials are used, request matched slabs, if available.