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One of the hardest-known minerals, granite is the go-to choice of natural rock when a combination of durability and aesthetics is required.

Perfect for indoors and outdoors, the resilience of granite is ideal for practically any home application, including floors, staircases, countertops, and road pavements.

Granite countertops are popularly used in most homes for its elegant and timeless look.


There are 3 levels of grade for granite. The granite is evaluated by the colours, veins, marking, pitting, thickness, amount of soft material in it, and the country it quarried from. The grade are as follow; Level 1 (Low-Grade Granite), Level 2 (Mid-Grade Granite) and Level 3+ (High-Grade Grade) that are available at Ampquartz. We only provide the best Granite Countertops for you and your home.


Every granite slab has its own distinctive, unique veins, textures and unrepeatable colours


Granite surface will not decolorize even after a long time


Pretty difficult to make a scratch on granite surface


Has a profound protective treatment that provides them with a high resistance to stains


Very easy to maintain and clean with just a microfiber cloth


Once installed, it can last a lifetime in your home

Granite Features​

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Yes, just like any solid surface, granite will be harmed too when encountering high impact blows. If unsealed, granite can absorb stains like oil, wine which can ultimately result in dark spots on the surface.

No, most stains can be removed from the granite surface. Even oil stains can usually be removed using a poultice or paste in which it will draw out the oil from the stone as long as the spill is cleaned immediately.

Yes. Granite is heat-resistant. It can withstand heat from hot pans to burning liquids under normal circumstances. You can comfortably take your pots and pans from the stove or oven and place them directly on your granite countertop without damaging its surface.

Routine cleaning with a mild soap and water is all you need for your granite countertop. A re-application of penetrating sealer is recommended on an annual basis and it will only take about 15 minutes.

Not all granite countertops need to be sealed, only those that are porous. This can be easily checked by pouring a little water on its surface. If the water is still there after 30 minutes, then the countertop does not need to be sealed. If the water is still has been absorbed, then it needs to be sealed for the liquid to protect the material from absorbing the water.

A true granite cannot be scratch by kitchen knives. Granite score 7 on the Mohs hardness scale making it one of the hardest materials there is. Although it is advisable to not cut directly on your granite countertops surface as it will only dull and damage the knife and not the granite countertops.