5 Reasons to Install Laminate Countertops Malaysia 2022

When mentioning countertops for your kitchen, two main things may come to mind aesthetics and functionality. These are two essential qualities you may expect your kitchen countertops to have. Laminate countertops Malaysia have proven to be a reliable material for use on your kitchen surfaces, especially on your countertops.

Reason 1 Laminate Countertops Malaysia: Beauty & Variety

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Their introduction started during the late 1940s and 1950s as a substitute for wood or stone surfaces, laminate countertops have come with the shape of a full circle. After the prime seasons from the 1950s through the late 1960s, plastic laminate countertops went through a long period when they were considered cheap and even tacky.

In 2022, laminates started their comeback by offering hundreds of design options and are now more affordable than most other materials. They boast vast amounts of color and design options. They can even resemble quartz, granite, marble, or anything from contemporary to classic.

For DIYers, laminate is one of the best choices for building your countertop, as it is easy to make and easy to maintain. A laminate countertop is also viewed as a cheaper version of expensive but efficient countertops, cause it has most of the benefits similar to them only that it would not last long. Laminate countertops prefer to have a shorter life than other materials, and even the best of them can be susceptible to burns, chipping, or delamination.

Reason 2 Laminate Countertops Malaysia: Budget-Friendly

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Everyone wants their kitchen countertops to look super gorgeous, strong, and durable to make life in the kitchen easier. But it does not mean that you should spend a bomb on them. Today, laminate countertops come at a cheaper price compared to all other materials. It is one of the cheapest stone countertop materials within the list of materials to create a stone countertop.

The prices for laminate countertops vary greatly depending on the pattern and color you select. It also varies depending on whether you have a custom countertop fabricated and installed. The cheapest method, for now, is to call a professional to build a custom-built countertop. The other option is to create the laminate countertop yourself nonetheless it is not easy to do so, and the materials to do so are technically more expensive than done by professionals.

Reason 3 Laminate Countertops Malaysia: Durability

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Laminate countertops Malaysia is created to preserve their color and design in a harsh environment, therefore they hold a variety of resistants to assist them. It is non-porous, so it does not absorb water that may be the source of harboring microorganisms. Additionally, it is stain-resistant cause its ability not able to absorb any liquid.

Laminate countertops Malaysia are durable enough to not be easily scratched unless from a direct clash between them and a sharp object or a heavy impact. Adding on, it is not heat-resistant which makes it only able to function in places that are somewhat low temperature. Companies that work on laminate countertops in Malaysia all have adjusted their countertops to withstand the high-temperature climate in Malaysia. Even so, if direct contact with balmy objects like hot pans or pots that just finished their procedures.

Also, it has a short life span collated with other stone-made countertops, even if it is well taken care of, the longest that it will last is about 15 years. After that, they’ll show significant wear and fading. Heavy use will dramatically shorten their lifespan, along with exposure to unusual moisture levels, for even short periods, which can cause them to delaminate and require replacement.

Furthermore, laminate countertops are unrepairable. Tiny scratches can be covered with resin paint, but deep scratches and chips are not fixable. Temporary repairs are possible, but repaired spots will never function the same as they used to. If the layers begin to separate at the edges, the countertop will need to be completely replaced.

Reason 4 Laminate Countertops Malaysia: Easy Maintenance

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As Laminate’s material nature is non-porous, it is relatively easy to clean and perform its regular maintenance. For people who do the cleaning of the house, it is, as a matter of fact, a great help cause cleaning the whole house itself is not an easy matter. To clean non-porous surfaces, a simple soap and some liters of water are enough to clean the laminate countertops Malaysia. Nevertheless, do remember to avoid using harsh cleansers with added abrasives as they can leave permanent scratches.

As for maintenance, it is genuinely straightforward as there is not much to do. Laminate countertops do not need sealing, because they have a non-porous surface. Thanks to this fact, people hardly do anything to maintain the colors and designs of laminate countertops Malaysia. Other than the need to avoid it from high-temperature objects and to prevent damage, cutting boards and hot pads or trivets are utilized to block direct contact.

Reason 5 Laminate Countertops Malaysia: Easy Installation

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The installation of laminate countertops is well-known for being straightforward as it only requires three to four hours to complete the entire process. In addition, installing laminate countertops is easy enough that they can be completed anytime and by anyone. Realistically, it is cheaper and faster to call an expert for installation as they understand they only need to keep watch on not touching wet contact cement as it is hard to clean with water. Breathing in fumes can be dangerous, so try working in a well-ventilated area.

However, it is possible to create a laminate countertop yourself. Practice makes perfect when installing laminate sheet countertops. With some patience, you’ll be able to create a laminate countertop entirely from scratch. It is technically much more expensive and tiresome as the people may not have any experience building a countertop. Still, in contrast to other stone material countertops, the process is known as uncomplicated.

These are the reasons why you should consider buying laminate countertops Malaysia. Suppose you are interested and wish to learn more details about laminate countertops. Try contacting a trusted kitchen renovation supplier to find out more!

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