When selecting countertop materials for your kitchen, you have a wide range of materials to pick from. Each has a special set of advantages and disadvantages. Marble countertop Malaysia is one preferred alternative. You should be aware of a few things if you’re contemplating marble countertops for your kitchen renovation. The grey veining on their backsplash or kitchen countertop is really popular. When choosing marble for your kitchen countertop, keep the following in mind.

But before we move on to the benefits, we will need to explain what a marble countertop Malaysia is, as they may be some people that are not aware of such a countertop. Marble is a natural stone, and each piece of it is distinctive. Additionally, you’ll discover that it is more heat-resistant than materials like granite, making it an excellent option if you cook frequently. Keeping marble clean is also quite simple. You only need a little soap and water.

There are a few drawbacks to marble countertops, though. You must be cautious while spilling since they might discolor easily. Because marble is a softer material than other countertop alternatives, it can scratch and crack more easily. Despite these disadvantages, the marble countertop Malaysia is still a popular choice among homeowners for their kitchens due to its distinct beauty and elegance. Marble may be a magnificent addition to your house if you’re willing to take care of it. Now that we know what marble countertops are, we shall start the explanation of the benefits that they bring.

Benefit #1 Marble Countertop Malaysia: Distinctive Appearance

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To explain this benefit of marble countertop Malaysia, we will first need to explain the different types of marble. There are three primary varieties of marble to choose from when selecting marble for your kitchen countertops: Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuario. All three kinds of marble are exquisite and would look lovely in any kitchen. However, each variety of marble has distinct qualities and advantages of its own.

A high-quality white or blue-gray marble, Carrara marble is well-known for its usage in art and construction. The usage of Carrara marble dates back to the Roman era. It comes from the Italian Apuan Alps near Carrara. The renowned quarry from where Michelangelo obtained the marble for his sculptures is located in the city of Carrara. Additionally, floors, stairways, fireplace surrounds, vanities, kitchen counters, and backsplashes are all made of Carrara marble. Its beauty and toughness are the reasons for its appeal.

Another common kind is Calacatta marble, which has a white background and striking veining. Calacatta marble, which is frequently imported from Italy, is a lavish material for kitchen worktops. It is also of the most widely available varieties of marble, making it quite simple to locate. However, because Calacatta marble is a natural stone, each slab must be carefully chosen for your countertop because every piece is different. Given that Calacatta marble can be pricey, you should also take the pricing into consideration. But if you’re searching for a countertop that will turn heads, Calacatta marble is a fantastic option.

Last but not least, Statuario marble, white marble with black veining, is one of the most often used varieties. Statuario marble is known as the best marble available and is mined in Italy and other countries in Europe. Statuario marble has a stunning appearance and is also incredibly durable and stain- and scratch-resistant. To maintain its finest appearance, Statuario marble does need some specific maintenance, including sealing and polishing. If you are thinking about using marble for your kitchen countertop, Statuario marble is a stunning and high-quality alternative. It also creates a stunning marble backsplash for the kitchen.

Benefit #2 Marble Countertop Malaysia: Heat Resistance

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Marble has long been favored by chefs and home cooks alike because it retains its temperature, making it ideal for rolling out pastry. Marble surfaces can endure heat, however, this feature is less well known. Although marble won’t burn or catch on fire, it’s a good idea to preserve the finish by keeping a hot pan or pot away from it. Despite being heat resistant, it does not make the heat go away. For the sake of homeowners, the marble countertop Malaysia should not come into direct contact with a burning object. Even if it doesn’t burn, the countertop can still have a charred mark carved into the surface.

Technically, in terms of resistance, marble cannot win against quartz as it is a soft material that is vulnerable to cracks and stains. Still, In regard to heat, marble countertops are much better than quartz countertops, which makes marble a good countertop material for outdoor countertop design. As heat from the sun is not straightly focused on the countertop, there would not be burnt marks made unless a burning object clashes with the kitchen top. 

Benefit #3 Marble Countertop Malaysia: Affordable Price

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Although marble appears to be incredibly pricey, it is sometimes less expensive than other natural stone countertop materials. Marble is frequently less expensive than its rivals, granite or quartz, however, prices might vary depending on the precise variety and thickness chosen. This kind of natural stone has a number of restrictive characteristics. The price difference between a marble countertop Malaysia and other materials is perhaps the most significant of them.

But that’s simply the content. The desired form, the quantity, and whether or not you want a unique hue are just a few of the other elements that determine the price of marble countertops. By adding all of this the full cost of the marble countertop Malaysia may surpass the other stone countertops but the initial price is relatively cheaper than other stone countertops. 

These are the benefits of using a marble countertop Malaysia. Suppose you are interested and wish to learn more details about countertops in general. Try contacting a trusted kitchen renovation supplier to find out more!

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