Granite countertops have been the material of choice for homes over the past few decades. But not every homeowner chooses to install this lovely natural stone. Quartz countertops are a well-liked granite substitute. Approximately 90% natural quartz and 10% polyresin are combined to produce quartz, a manufactured stone. Caesarstone is one of the most popular and sought-after quartz brands. This brand is recognized for producing some of the most gorgeous quartz countertops that you can find.

Today you will learn the difference between Caesarstone vs granite countertops that many have questions about. To make it easy for everyone that is looking into the article, we have separated the topic, Caesarstone vs granite, into three sections, Stone attribute, Appearance, and Benefits. With this, even those that do not read everything in the article can completely understand the topic, Caesarstone vs granite, with ease.

Caesarstone vs Granite Element 1: Stone Attribute

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In the sense of attributes, Caesarstone vs granite are both different stones that are supposed to be placed between each other. One of the main manufacturers of engineered stone is Caesarstone. These countertops are renowned for their homogeneous design, which will give your kitchen a modern, fresh aspect. You may select almost any color or style you can dream of because it is engineered.

On the other hand, granite is one of the most exquisite stones created by the earth. Each slab of granite is unique since it is a natural stone, even those that come from the same quarry. You will have a wide variety of colors and styles to pick from, just as with Caesarstone. It’s possible for this natural stone to have flaws, which, despite what it might seem like, might end up giving the stone individuality.

Summarizing all that was mentioned above, granite is a natural stone that has a wide collection of a variety of colors and styles. On the other side, Caesarstone is an engineered stone mixed with quartz, and polyresin, technically quartz is a natural stone but Caesarstone countertop is artificial. In that sense, we can say that both Caesarstone vs granite is clearly fundamentally different from the very beginning. Well, with this viewers can see that both Caesarstone vs granite is two different materials for the countertop. Now that we got our understanding done, we shall look into their difference in terms of appearance. 

Caesarstone vs Granite Element 2: Appearance

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The most preferred natural stone countertop material among homeowners is granite. Many people adore it because of its beauty, toughness, and many other good traits. The largest selection of color and design choices for a natural stone may be found in granite. When it comes to selecting granite countertops, there are a seemingly unlimited number of alternatives. There are granite quarries all throughout the world. Many different varieties of the stone, in particular, originate from India and Brazil. It may even be found in a few locations in the US.

As for Caesarstone, one of the most well-known quartz brands available is Caesarstone. Caesarstone countertops are well-known for their elegance, toughness, and a host of other excellent traits. Greater customization choices are one of the benefits of quartz countertops. This is clear when you consider the variety of possibilities Caesarstone countertops provide. There are many different colors and designs for the surfaces. Everything from traditional to modern to alternatives that resemble genuine stones like granite is available. In terms of the business itself, Caesarstone was established in 1987. The company still enjoys a solid reputation despite being a market pioneer for quartz countertops.

In the sense of saying which is much better in appearance, we cannot say as everyone has their own perspectives and likes, but we can say that in terms of looks, both have a certain characteristic to the end appearance. For Caesarstone, the complete form will be more of a modern kitchen, one that is high-tech and well caught up to the era. As for granite, it has many styles to choose from but it still brings out a natural feel to the kitchen, like the owners are living in the forest. In this battle of Caesarstone vs granite, there are no winners as everyone has their own liking and it can’t be forced on anyone else.

Caesarstone vs Granite Element 3: Benefits Available

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Due to them being two different stones, the benefits that they can provide to the table is also somewhat different. Caesarstone is one of the most attractive surfaces you can put in your house, despite the fact that it is not a genuine stone. An incredible variety of colors and styles are available for Caesarstone surfaces. Additionally, the surfaces are non-porous, preventing liquids and stains from penetrating the fabric.

Countertops made of Caesarstone are impervious to stains, scratches, and cracks. Remember that even if the material is resistant to these risks, there is still a very low likelihood that these damages will materialize. If taken care of appropriately, these damages shouldn’t be a problem. Last but not least, Caesarstone is one of the simplest countertop materials to maintain. The surfaces should remain in excellent condition for many years to come as long as you keep up with cleaning and avoid subjecting them to high heat. Caesarstone is a great alternative for your countertops even if it lacks the “classic” appearance of genuine stone as granite provides.

Now let’s look at the opposite side. Granite’s stone surfaces serve as a constant reminder of the beauty that nature is capable of making. Granite countertops are among the most resilient materials you can find in addition to being beautiful. They are simple to maintain and keep clean. The countertops are heat, stain, and scratch resistant. Each granite slab is absolutely unique since it is a natural stone. Granite has various drawbacks though, one of which is that it is porous.

However, your granite can be effectively protected against moisture and stains if you make sure to properly seal the countertop, which is not difficult to accomplish. If you’re not cautious, granite countertops can also chip, although these are easily fixable.

Summarizing the explanation of the battle, Caesarstone vs granite, Caesarstone is clearly the winner in this benefit side as it is easy to clean, maintain and scratch resistant. It is clearly effortless to preserve the beauty of the countertop if the material is from Caesarstone. However, if people are willing to pull off such efforts for the natural feel that granite gives, then granite is the material for you. In the end, it all comes down to people’s personal tastes and requirements.

These are the elements that differentiate Caesarstone vs Granite. Suppose you are interested and wish to learn more details about countertops in general. Try contacting a trusted kitchen renovation supplier to find out more!

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