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Install Laminate Kitchen Countertop With These Top 5 Reasons

laminate kitchen countertop

When it comes o choose the perfect material for your kitchen countertop, laminate has long been a popular choice among homeowners. They are the most durable, elegant, and reliable solutions for your kitchen countertop. Laminate kitchen countertops have come a long way. They may have had a bad rap in the past, but now they offer […]

Caesarstone vs Granite: 4 Differences You Should Know


Deciding on the material for your countertop? You may have come through Caesarstone and granite during your research. It is very common two find these two in the market when it comes to countertop material. Caesarstone is actually a brand name. It is a well-known brand recognized for producing some gorgeous quartz countertops. Each countertop material has […]

Wood Countertop Malaysia: 6 Reasons You Must Use

wood countertop

In the past few years, more homeowners have become more interested in wood countertops. Wood countertops are a timeless classic in kitchen design. The warm texture creates an inviting atmosphere in the kitchen space, so more people choose it over other kitchen countertop materials. Wood countertops won’t be the first countertop material option to jump into […]

Create A Minimalist Kitchen Design Johor With 7 Simple Ways

Minimalist Kitchen Design

If you love a simple design for your kitchen, go ahead with the minimalist kitchen design. You will get to find many minimalist kitchen designs on the internet. Minimalist kitchen design is popular among homeowners as it can balance streamlined minimalism and luxurious comfort. The idea of minimalist kitchen design is to bring essential, soothing […]

Granite VS Caesarstone: What’s best for you?


Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between granite and Caesarstone? Well, look no further. I’m going to list out everything you need to know about the main differences between granite and Caesarstone. Granite is a naturally occurring igneous rock. It’s created when lava or magma rapidly cools to form mineral deposit slabs. Depending on the mineral composition of granite, […]

Kitchen Countertop Malaysia | Get New Quartz Countertop for Chinese New Year

quartz countertop

Quartz Johor: Your Trusted Kitchen Countertop Supplier Malaysia Chinese New Year is a popular festival in Malaysia. If you’ve been using your kitchen for years, this is a great time to make a change. Quartz kitchen countertops will definitely be one of your choices to give your kitchen a new look for the day! The following marks the […]

Top 9 Types of Kitchen Countertop Materials in Malaysia

quartz countertop

Choosing a countertop surface material that suits your lifestyle is the first step to a functional kitchen. Your counters are, after all, where cooking actually happens. We could also argue that your counters are the backdrop and the main event in any kitchen: They take up a lot of visual real estate. And the materials […]