Renovating your kitchen can be exciting but overwhelming. One of the things you need to decide during your kitchen renovation will be the kitchen cabinet design. A kitchen cabinet is an integral part of your kitchen, and choosing the right kitchen cabinet design can be daunting.

There are many different styles, materials, and colors to choose from. The first thing people will notice in your kitchen will be the cabinet door. It can create a positive impact in your kitchen. Besides the decor and styling, the kitchen cabinet feature is the most important feature. An efficient kitchen cabinet design allows you to find all your necessary items within arm’s reach.

You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a difficult position to find things while you are preparing or cooking your meals. Before getting kitchen cabinets, you will need to understand your needs and come up with a kitchen cabinet design that suits you and your family’s lifestyle. Also, accommodating any special requirements.

It may not be easy to decide, but here are some tips you can learn from to get the right kitchen cabinet design that suits your lifestyle.


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Kitchen Cabinet Design #1 – Going Custom or Prefabricated

Kitchen cabinet design

You will want to decide if you want a custom kitchen cabinet design or a prefabricated one. Custom kitchen cabinets usually will cost more, so if you have a budget, custom kitchen cabinets can be a good option. You can figure out the best way to maximize your kitchen cabinets’ style, efficiency, and storage.

The best thing about custom kitchen cabinets is that you can custom made a corner cabinet that can shape perfectly to your walls or pull-out drawers that can fit into the most convenient places. You can nestle it where you would want them to be. Custom kitchen cabinet options can be limitless. You can build a perfect kitchen the way you need.

There is nothing wrong with a prefabricated kitchen cabinet. It may not fit as well as custom cabinets, but a prefabricated cabinet will be a better choice if you have a limited budget. You can consider semi-custom cabinets if you are still deciding which to choose. The price will be more average. Semi-custom cabinets use stock inset door styles and colors, but they can be tailor-made to fit into your kitchen.


Kitchen Cabinet Design #2 – Material And Finishes

Kitchen cabinet design

You want to take advantage of the material and finishes of your kitchen cabinet. You would like it to last long instead of finding yourself replacing it as soon as you install it. Plywood shelves and laminate finishes are quite popular in the kitchens of Malaysia. This combination allows your kitchen cabinet to last long and is waterproof. Besides that, it is friendly to your pocket. Laminate is available in a wide range of colors and finishes where you can choose from it.

Consider a stainless-steel kitchen cabinet layout if you usually cook heavily at home. Match it with a backsplash and countertop of the same material, which is helpful to resist high warmth and humidity. Besides that, they are designed so that you can clean them easily. Stainless-steel kitchen cabinets are a cheap investment, especially if you are doing a home-based cooking or baking business.


Kitchen Cabinet Design #3 – Think About How You Want Your Kitchen to be Organized

Kitchen cabinet design

If you are an organization junkie, you will want to make sure how you want to organize your kitchen. There are many ways to make your kitchen more organized and tailored to how you want to store your utensils, appliances, and food.

If you love different cooking styles, like baking and roasting, it can be hard to separate those kitchen utensils you have. Using utensil dividers can be a great way to separate your baking tools from a fork and spoon or keep your thermometers away from frying tools. Separating these tools can help you get your kitchen organized, and you wouldn’t need to search for your tools halfway through your preparation.

If you have plenty of spices in your kitchen, get a dedicated space rack to keep your seasonings in one place. You can try out pull-out trash that stays hidden and dispose of garbage easily and keep the nasty smells concealed. Consider your cooking style and customize your kitchen to keep things in their place.

One of the popular organization tools for modern kitchens is the appliance garage. It can sit on top of your countertop where you can hide your commonly used appliance when they are not in use. It is a great way to keep your cooking space tidy, especially if you are not using it—a perfect item for your kitchen.


Kitchen Cabinet Design #4 – Unique Requirement

Kitchen cabinet design

Different cooking styles may need different kitchen cabinets. If you use your kitchen for normal cooking, you will need a cooker hob and an induction hob. You may also consider an oven or other necessary kitchen appliances. Considering built-in appliances, consider looking for a custom kitchen cabinet design. It can help to optimize your kitchen space to conserve every inch of your kitchen. You can consider getting an extra counter space or constructing a kitchen island if you have a bigger kitchen space.

If you don’t cook too often, consider installing a lesser kitchen cabinet in your cooking area. Especially if you are ordering meals from outside most of the time, you don’t need too much kitchen cabinet. Look out for closed shelves to avoid gathering dust. For coffee lovers, consider installing a coffee machine on the countertop for you to enjoy a hot coffee.

If you are a professional chef working from home, you will need to plan out your kitchen layout with the requirements. You will need to install a convection oven instead of an everyday oven. You will also need multiple kitchen appliances, so you will need to identify if you need any built-in appliances in the kitchen.


Kitchen Cabinet Design #5 – Colors and Styles

Kitchen cabinet design

Minimal designs are always trending in the Malaysian market. With its performance and less muddle, minimalist and Scandinavian designs are in excessive demand due to their aesthetically captivating and neutral shade palettes. Also, it is simplistic yet fashionable designs and excessively efficient. 

White kitchen cupboard designs is in demand in Malaysian market. A white cooking space designs never go out of fashion. With colors like wood colorings or gentle grey in combination, it is in high demand these days. Having a white kitchen with light to medium-colored timber will be a good choice if you like the feel of wooden grains


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